This is an open apology to Mr. Stephen Kaufer


Let us be very clear, this apology is very sincere, and comes 100% from the T.A.W [ TripAdvisor Warning ] team.

WHY are we posting this apology?

Our issues are with TripAdvisor, and NOT with Mr. Stephen Kaufer as an individual. For this reason, we decided to remove the content of this website.

Mr Stephen Kaufer is, and has always been a very generous person, who works hard for and with numerous charities, and is no stranger to very generous financial donations, as well as offering his personal time to support these good causes.

As mentioned above, this apology is sincere, and we thank him for all the good work he does for these numerous charities. Please visit and if at all possible make a donation, every little bit helps.



We WILL however continue to show the devastating concequences TripAdvisor has on establishment owners livelihoods and reputations - invalidated reviews from invalidated users destroys reputations, livelihoods and lots more..

Stephen Kaufer, the man who CLAIMS to be for honesty and transparency blocked us from following him [ which we weren't even doing ] and viewing his tweets -  Two faced and obnoxious to say the least, maybe he should allow establishment owners to do the same, block TripAdvisor from adding their business to the site that destroys livelihoods  and reputations.

- Shame on your "Double Standards" Stephen Kaufer -

please visit for the TRUTH.